Mr Zohra Ladha, a Elements of Business Skills, Principles Of Accounting & IB Group 3 Tutor

Mr. Zohra Ladha

S$ 35-55/hr
verified tutor


I have total Teaching Experience of 10+ years in India which includes 6+ years of teaching IGCSE & A level subjects like Accounting and Business.

I have completed Intermediate Online Professional Development Course titled ‘IGCSE Accounting/ O Level Principles of Accounts’ by University of Cambridge International Examinations

I love learning at every phase of my life and what would be better than learning from generation Y whose energy and enthusiasm is so infectious that you cannot just get away without getting infected.  I believe in constantly renewing my professional skills to provide the highest quality of education possible.

I motivate my students to set expectations to the best of their caliber and explain them why it is important to revisit it again and again. I respect my student as an individual and I share a good rapport with my students wherein they feel a comfort zone.  I always encourage them to voice their opinion and create an atmosphere of healthy discussion where agreements and disagreements are respected.  


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  • Indira Gandhi National Open University


  • Gujarat University



  • Jg International School

    Teacher, 6 years



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